Sunday, April 7, 2013

Design Solution for democracy

Can a design resolve a whole business or just one type of business? Can you really name the business that actually use design as it main content or even highlight in every their product(s) ?

Sure if you're managerial or administration staff or even a DESIGNER!

My question is not silly; but; yes BUT! here i am in a town so - call - bandar palma - lah - sangat!  so i hate to mention it name but most of my friend know it so well.

So i give you another hints.*

"availability of water in this area is so unaccaptable"   - who am i quote here?

I know i am not politically educated but i know my right as a civil; people that don't know about their right, it is alright i know that you may a rich guy, rich brad kid, rich suck a rich people or other people etc. So go ahead understand this we (poor) people does not need your help but in sha Allah, Allah will prevail on you guys. So rich dude beware and if you really concern about us please help US.

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