Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Panching Waterfall | Air Terjun Panching

Just finish my whole bunch of old skool photos lah, Panching Waterfall is the most popular attraction in Kuantan, Pahang. So if you wish to come here in Kuantan I really recommend all of you from KL, Selangor, Perak and the rest of Malaysia come here to stay chill hehehehehe.

So text wouldn't be complete if there is no image or photos right? so here it is; the famous Panching Waterfall with Panching model of 2008 :P

Monday, March 22, 2010

McDonald's For Serious Gamers Only

McDonald's Japan Using DS to Train EmployeesTop of Form

Now who wouldn't want to be trained at a new job using the Nintendo DS? 
In addition to landing in the hands of public school students, the Nintendo DS is also making its way to employees of McDonald's in Japan.
The device already goes hand-in-hand with Ronald McDonald and Co. by offering visitors free downloads of demos and other exclusive content via the Nintendo Zone service. Many local restaurants here in the states even sport built-in Gamecube consoles for gamers to play for free. Oddly, the McDonald's by our U.S. office still only has N64's.

However now the Nintendo handheld will be used by part-time employees for training purposes. Although no real specifics were provided, the DS training program itself is called "eSmart," and will use software designed by the fast food chain. The overall purchase and distribution will cost the company around 200 million yen (just over $2.2 million USD)--and that doesn't include the cost of developing the software.
According to Andriasang, McDonald's plans to incorporate around two DS units throughout Japan, making it roughly 7,400 units (based on February store numbers). The company believes that training will be cut in half over traditional methods, mostly because the trainees are already familiar with the Nintendo DS platform.
The eSmart program is expected to launch later this year. So far there's no indication that the program will be incorporated into McDonald's here in the States.
Note : Who say’s video game is not for pro’s? LOL :P

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Orton Effects ( Digital )

In the late 1980s, photographer Michael Ortondeveloped an innovative technique for creatingrich, 

glowing landscape scenes. Using slide film and a tripod, he shot overexposed versions of the same scene, 
one with extreme sharpness,and another with the scene completely out offocus. 

Then, once his slides were developed, he“sandwiched” the film together, which created the ethereal look that 
became known as the“Orton eect.”Thanks to the magic of digital photography and Photoshop Elements, 
there are many ways to simulate this eect, and it can often be anexcellent technique for livening up otherwise 
drab photos. 


I have done editing @ post processing while i'm online, who would think online "stuff" can be handy without
installation or excuse while you're working. This is also means, if you have a software call Adobe Photoshop, I'm 
sure some of our "designer" and "photographer" know the "Orton Effects". Plus I'm also add a few effects like 60's 
film like Agfa or Holga effects. But this is digital dark room so the effect is sure plus minus from the film itself, 
so be the man or ladies compare them with pros and cons (if you have time) hehehehehe.

* I miss my old SLR that is Kwanon EOS err..EOS....EO..O...errr...EOS hurmmm..i forgot the 
codename dang!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Advertising of The Day (AoTD)

Hurmm what can I say? sometimes advertising can be hilarious too...and I think its simple and easy to understand concept. 

Get her back. Kitadol. Menstrual period.
Advertising Agency: Prolam Y&R, Santiago, Chile
Executive Creative Director: Tony Sarroca
Creative Director: Francisco Cavada
Art Director: Jorge Muñoz
Art Director: Carlos Carrasco
Copywriter: Fabrizio Baracco, Cristian Martinez
Account Manager: Francisco Cardemil
Also from Amazon :

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Work In Progress (WIP)


I've done this just for my friends lah who is Ahmad Ghazali @ Gezzeg @ RajaLanun for contributing RajaLanun workarts, more and more implementation and execution needs before I submit to him. Well for most of my time, currently didn't support my work loads, yeah I know been busy all day long doing management thing and account dang I can't remember when I done complete all the "manipulation" process? Anyway, good luck for me and those who need an advice especially in design or photography please don't hesitate to ask me ok. 

I found this while surfing the net

Pretty hectic and I think that's all about it. Yep, benarlah kata orang kalau kita tak mencuba maka tak tahulah maksudnya heheheheheh

click image for better resolution hurmm maybe bigger and much bigger...and hurmm yeah.