Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Malay Cultural

PUTRAJAYA, 25 January - Prime Minister's wife, Datin Seri Rosmah explained that his official visit to Oman last week on an official invitation and is fully funded by the government of the country concerned. 

She said, while in Oman, the court provided all facilities for the Malaysian delegation, comprising members of the Labour Welfare Charities and wife-wife of the Minister and Deputy Ministers (Bakti). 
''I was invited by the Minister of Social Affairs of Oman, but I do not know how suddenly the country's court hearing (to information) I want to visit, the palace give me all the facilities and take all the responsibility on my visit there. 
Datuk Seri Najib''asked what my position, I said I do not know but I was given the status of a state visit. Apparently, the court has given us all the facilities including the payment of oil (mine) planes, all suffered by the court, "he said. 
Everything''(expenses and accommodation costs) incurred by Oman, so party on the other side (the opposition) are accused of all sorts ... berdosalah him guilty, "he said at the launch of the 'National Service Training Program Generation Catalyst 1Malaysia' here today. 
Rosmah comment on criticism that is thrown upon his head overseas visit by accusing him of misusing government money. 

During his visit, Deputy Prime Minister of Oman also noted that the Islamic countries in the Middle East have high regard for Malaysia. 
If other countries''high regard, why is it that the country does not feel grateful that we are the people in it. 
State''is a multiracial country and Muslim country that truly practice the teachings of Islam, moderate and accepting of all who sit in this country, "he said. 
According to him, once the opposition has slammed the government for the development of Putrajaya but now want to seize a location that puts the Federal Government Administrative Centre. 
''Once he (the opposition) do not like Putrajaya, said all sorts of ... now he is a want (grabbed Putrajaya), "he said. 
Elaborating on his visit, She said, he was only carrying out their duties as a woman who is concerned about the education of the children, the disabled, education and the relationship between the woman who always encouraged. 

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