Monday, February 28, 2011

This top-down view reveals that the 600D is also a bit deeper, front-to-back than its predecessor, again due mainly to the swivel screen. This adds about 3mm to the depth of the grip, which may not sound like much but improves the handling to a surprising degree. The new top plate 'DISP' button can also be clearly seen here.

Canon EOS 600D vs. EOS 550D feature differences

The list below gives a more complete summary of the feature differences between the 600D and 550D:
  • Vari-angle display
  • Scene intelligent Auto Mode
  • 'Basic+' creative controls in scene modes
  • 'Creative Filters' can be applied to images in playback mode
  • Multi-aspect ratio shooting (3:2, 4:3, 16:9, 1:1, previewable in Live View)
  • Integrated Wireless flash controller with multi-flash support
  • 'Video Snapshot' mode
  • Auto Lighting Optimizer now adjustable in 4 levels
  • Feature Guide
  • Image rating (1-5 stars)
  • Eye sensor for LCD display replaced by 'DISP' button
  • Marginally larger and heavier


From our initial handling of the EOS 600D, there's little doubt that this is the most feature-rich entry-level Canon yet. In fact 'entry-level' is increasingly becoming a misnomer in this range, as the 600D offers a wealth of features that we're much more used to seeing on 'enthusiast' models (which tend to be distinguished by having pentaprism viewfinders and twin control dials). Indeed the 600D comes remarkably close to its more expensive big brother, the 60D, in terms of features alone.

The standout addition to the camera is undoubtedly the articulated screen, which is likely to be most welcome to movie enthusiasts. Canon's main focus with the 600D, however, seems to have been in making the camera more easy to use for newcomers to SLR photography, an aim that's very much in line with current trends. To this end the Feature Guide, Auto+ functions and expanded Quick Control options should make it easier for beginners to start experimenting with their photography.
But it's not just beginners who will appreciate the 600D. More experienced enthusiasts will welcome the wireless off-camera flash control, that now works with all models in Canon's Speedlite range including the new 270EX II and 320EX. Last but definitely not least, Canon has finally addressed one of the Rebel series' outstanding weaknesses and made a substantive improvement to the grip, which we're very glad to see. It makes the 600D much more comfortable to hold than its predecessors, and while those with large hands should still definitely try before they buy, this is no longer an area where Canon lags behind the competition.

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Top 10 Tips of Mastering Composition by Digital Camera Magazine

 Top 10 tips..

When framing a shot, pay as much attention to the background as you do your subject. A complimentary background can enhance a mundane subject – a poor choice of background will make a great subject fall flat.
2.        KEEP IT SIMPLE
The strongest compositions are ones that get their message across quickly. Look for the building blocks of a great photograph in lines and shapes.
Ask yourself what you’re drawn to in a scene – the height of a building, the patterns in a field, the shape of a flower – and bring that element out.
When you’re framing people, avoid chopping them off at the knees or ankles.

Odd numbers of things tend to be visually more exciting than even amounts. Triangles are more dynamic than squares or rectangles, which echo the boundaries of the frame. Three’s the magic number…
Tell yourself that you’re going to take the best photograph you’ve ever taken when you get up in the morning. This can lead to disappointment in the short term – in the long term, you’ll definitely raise your game.
We’ve given you a taster of three masters of their craft in this book – take time to search out the cream of contemporary and classic photography (keep an eye on Digital Camera Magazine book reviews) and work out what it is about their composition that makes all the elements click into place.

Don’t be happy with simply imitating other photos you’ve seen. Think about using different lenses, treatments and viewpoints. Don’t be afraid to lie down in the mud or sand. Be determined to create something more artistic than you were producing a year ago.
Really work a subject – you’re first shot is rarely your best one and you’re not wasting film anymore. Work through early framing options to chisel your vision and weed out the duff ideas.
The more you shoot – family, friends, daily life – the more you’ll begin to refine your eye for composition. Then, when a once-in-a-lifetime situation presents itself, framing it quickly will be second nature.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Popaleh Burger in Town!!

To all Pahang citizen new attention at Pekan here in Lamin that is Popaleh Burger. For more details or information please visit Popaleh blog.

Maybe their blog is not quite good to look at but and but it is worth to survey their price and so on yah. Keep it up the good work bro.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nicely Done Chrome by Google

Nicely Done by Google Team

It appear that Google team has lead hype-technology against other browser, so in browser wars like Mozilla, Safari, IE and so on I think Chrome will pawned the other. But this is my 2cents not 50cents or even a pound, most of all I like Chrome because of its lightness and ease-of-use. Nevertheless, a lot of application can be found at this link. Mind these apps usually developed by 3rd party or maybe by the Google team? Who knows next time there will be many developer from our country.

* example main page of chrome apps

Jot down your note my friends, Chrome is a leading browser and all I know people really concern about their security and yet Google is the best search engine in world (I believe). So there 2 main factor which should conclude inside everyone mind and head, and to sum up please install Google Chrome and do lot more of things.