Friday, March 11, 2011

TEIN Custom Nissan 370 Z

My beloved Nissan 370Z has converted into TEIN custom yeaaaahhhh, freaking awesome!! Ok let's go to my step on how i'm doing it? * no screenshot A.T.M

1) Go to google or any search engine you could find
2) Type particular cars you own on CarTown on Facebook
3) Like mine for example, a Nissan 370Z and here's one of my example.

4) Open your creative suite (CS) like Photoshop for example, and most important method that you'll need to do is to "download" their skin/graphics on CarTown application.
5) If you have download the skin of your car, then open the files with your suites then apply your design with your creativity and style.
6) Please do save your work such as *psd format and to upload your content please save it to *.png to upload.
7) Voila your work is almost done, and finally what you need to do is publish and if you really onto something send your car to Car Show huuummmmm yeaaahhh..

Sample of my works.

TEIN Custom Nissan 370Z


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