Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Deadpool Toyota Prius 2011 3rd Generation

Deadpool Toyota Prius 
2011 3rd Generation
Well it's about time i'm enjoying my playtime during my working hours so what the heck guys am i right? so i present you ladies and gentlemen the Deadpool-Prius 

click onimage for larger version

why I choose Deadpool? hurmm nice and easy, because that's all inside my mind so if you got any question about my ideas please give it to me. So it's not possible to do it as your request but I will try my best to it. So it took about 20 minutes to setup all graphic before submitted to Car Town, not a real design work but I'm dead without Google help, thanks Google *again.

So if you want to know more about the car, please visit Car Town on Facebook. So there you go; buzz me if you need an opinion or quotation about my services, not Car Town graphic you silly but other job real stuff ok.

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