Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Peter Sanders [ Photographer ]

Peter Sanders began his career in the mid 1960s as one of London's key photographers of rock musicians. His pictures of Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, The Who and many others performing are classics of the genre.

In 1970, he set off for India, cameras in hand. He travelled for seven months. This trip became a spiritual odyssey that led him onto Morocco and thereafter to the Holy cities of Makkah and Madinah, where he photographed the hajj, at a time when few professional photographers had access to Islam's holiest sanctuaries.

For the last two years, Peter Sanders Photography began the immense task of scanning and thus digitalizing his vast collection of over a quarter of a million transparencies to create islamicimages.com which will be the first on-line website dedicated to the Islamic world. Once it is launched, historical and other important collections will be added. Estimated launch date  2013.

http://www.petersanders.co.uk/ (for his work / online portfolios)

https://www.facebook.com/petersandersphotos ( his facebook page )

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