Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Work In Progress (WIP)


I've done this just for my friends lah who is Ahmad Ghazali @ Gezzeg @ RajaLanun for contributing RajaLanun workarts, more and more implementation and execution needs before I submit to him. Well for most of my time, currently didn't support my work loads, yeah I know been busy all day long doing management thing and account dang I can't remember when I done complete all the "manipulation" process? Anyway, good luck for me and those who need an advice especially in design or photography please don't hesitate to ask me ok. 


MuS RaShA said...

Nih utk projek apa ?

meeboo said...

projek melebatkan hasil Gezzeg hehehehehe..tadaklah saje suka2 buat, daripada aku duk diam je lama2 kang bersawang wahahahahaaa