Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Orton Effects ( Digital )

In the late 1980s, photographer Michael Ortondeveloped an innovative technique for creatingrich, 

glowing landscape scenes. Using slide film and a tripod, he shot overexposed versions of the same scene, 
one with extreme sharpness,and another with the scene completely out offocus. 

Then, once his slides were developed, he“sandwiched” the film together, which created the ethereal look that 
became known as the“Orton eect.”Thanks to the magic of digital photography and Photoshop Elements, 
there are many ways to simulate this eect, and it can often be anexcellent technique for livening up otherwise 
drab photos. 


I have done editing @ post processing while i'm online, who would think online "stuff" can be handy without
installation or excuse while you're working. This is also means, if you have a software call Adobe Photoshop, I'm 
sure some of our "designer" and "photographer" know the "Orton Effects". Plus I'm also add a few effects like 60's 
film like Agfa or Holga effects. But this is digital dark room so the effect is sure plus minus from the film itself, 
so be the man or ladies compare them with pros and cons (if you have time) hehehehehe.

* I miss my old SLR that is Kwanon EOS err..EOS....EO..O...errr...EOS hurmmm..i forgot the 
codename dang!!

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