Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nicely Done Chrome by Google

Nicely Done by Google Team

It appear that Google team has lead hype-technology against other browser, so in browser wars like Mozilla, Safari, IE and so on I think Chrome will pawned the other. But this is my 2cents not 50cents or even a pound, most of all I like Chrome because of its lightness and ease-of-use. Nevertheless, a lot of application can be found at this link. Mind these apps usually developed by 3rd party or maybe by the Google team? Who knows next time there will be many developer from our country.

* example main page of chrome apps

Jot down your note my friends, Chrome is a leading browser and all I know people really concern about their security and yet Google is the best search engine in world (I believe). So there 2 main factor which should conclude inside everyone mind and head, and to sum up please install Google Chrome and do lot more of things.

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