Thursday, September 23, 2010

Canon EOS 60D

What I Like About It? 
1) Cool swivel LCD features for hard space or impossible area to shoot i.e : lights, sky etc.
2) 18 megs of pixel well i think its cool
3) HD Movie yeah why not? after all we live with HD now, so what the heck?
4) Excellent plugins (filter) i really prefer toy filter (really cool; without using any PS script wse.)

What I Don't Like About It?
1) Hurrmm maybe the price lah, if Singapore Dollar cost 2Kplus with EF lens (kit) then I believe its an enhance version of 50D mah only a few function that may varied from previous version. Dang I hate it when they do that. So if sing dollars cost about 2K plus so do the math ok.  Likewise if you want to compare price with other EOS model : Canon Singapore (price & EOS model)
2) Magnesium vs the Allumium chassis; hurmm not quite sure about it; either magnesium or alloy which one is the lighter?
3) Although I love the filter (plugins) that EOS have but not all we're really good at the moment. And yet with the support from Adobe we sure can do a lot of filter we want but no need to worry I'm still good with it :D (smile)
4) As part from #1 I really think I add a few ringgits and then I'll buy the 7D and no need to worry about the quality compare 60D except I don't have any swivel LCD at the back.

So there you go my preview about the new Canon EOS 60D, +/- about the EOS system if my optimism is absurd; please accept my apologize to Canonian or experts / master of DSLR.

image sources(s) from digital preview :

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